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Tools For All Hair Types

Our diverse range of products are effective for every hair type: long or short, fine or thick, curly, straight or textured. All hair is beautiful & gorgeous hair is literally at your fingertips.

Healthy Hair

Our Thermolon™ coated surfaces are industry-leading in protecting hair from heat, preserving hair’s shine and internal moisture, so that styled hair looks glossy, full of life and volume. Healthy hair is beautiful hair.

Innovative Technology

Our team is always in search of taking beauty to the next level, with digital technology and the latest manufacturing techniques to create ergonomic, efficient tools: Beauty by Design.

Private Label

We help companies produce products under their own name, so that they are promoting their own brand. We take care of the research and manufacturing and our private label partners market themselves!

Cutting Edge Designs

Being in the beauty industry a long time, we know what makes great products: effectiveness, ergonomics, sturdiness, and ease of use, adding beauty
to the world.

Superior Customer Care

We respond quickly and courteously. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction in every interaction we have with them. We respond with beauty.


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Until recently, non-stick ceramic coatings were made from carbon-based organic polymers, which when overheated, released toxic fumes. Thermolon nonstick ceramic coating based on Sol-Gel Technology, with excellent release properties, providing a safe alternative to these carbon-based polymers.

Non-Stick Surface

Because of its non-stick coating, there is no chemical build-up and cleaning is easy. Just pass a terry towel over its surface and you’re ready to go!


With superb resistance against scratches and aggressive hair styling chemicals, Thermolon ensures that the styling tool retains its non-stick capability in the long run.

Free of Damage

Easy glide plates ensure no pulling/breakage of the hair and seamless movement, which shields and protects the hair from damage, on all hair types.

Uniform Heat

Thermolon™ distributes heat evenly and efficiently through the plates, up to 450°F, with minimal heat loss providing continuous heat recovery.


Not only the most advanced technological breakthrough, also eco-friendly in terms of production, reducing 60 % of toxic emissions, creating a low carbon footprint.


Since nothing can stick or stay on the plates they remain sanitary. This teamed with the high temperate control allows you to ensure that the stylers remain hygienic for use on each and every client.

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